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Specific Studies Citing Handmaster Plus

Comprehensive Hand Strengthening In Therapy (Freedom Clinic, Calgary, Canada)
Football Specific Training Approaches (BC Lions, CFL, Professional Football)
Hand Strengthener Comparisons By Muscle Output (semg)
Hand Strengthener Comparisons - General (Chart of Variables)

About sEMG

(Click your activity of interest below to observe hand muscle activity pattern)

Handmaster Plus tests 2-4x as effective as simple squeeze balls and spring-loaded hand exercise products in strengthening and balancing the 18 hand muscles. Surface electromyography (sEMG) clearly illustrates that all hand muscles are used in all activities. Poor performance, overuse and repetition injuries occur when muscle combinations are ignored and the body is prepared improperly for specific activity.

Hand Muscle Patterns In SPORTS, MUSIC

Hand Muscle Patterns In The WORKPLACE

Hand Muscle Patterns For EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES