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Dr. Designed Full-Body Stretch

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Forget complicated stretches that wreak havoc on your daily schedule.
Stretch anywhere... anytime... in 3 Minutes.

GOOD NEWS: High-intensity, short-duration stretching

has been proven effective vs. long-duration 

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'The 3-Minute Stretch'
Home Video Course

Learn to stretch your whole body easily & conveniently... Anywhere!

  • Full-body stretching means better flexibility and body balance... for life!
  • No more one-hour stretching programs that stress you (and/or your family) out.
  • Get the results you want on a schedule you can commit to.
  • Never feel intimidated again by not knowing how to stretch.
  • Become your own stretching expert.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Minutes per day leads you to better health, flexibility, and performance… Guaranteed!


In The Next 14 Days, You Could…

  • Feel better—and look better, too!
  • Become more flexible. Move without stiffness!
  • Be ready-to-go at the start of your next recreational event or physical activity!
  • Feel great adding an easy & vital health habit to your life... for the rest of your life!

The 3-Minute Stretch

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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Own Flexibility, Health & Balance?

This 12-video course teaches you a convenient, full-body stretching strategy that has been used by athletes, musicians & regular folks around the world to:

  • Build and maintain flexibility & range of motion (ROM)
  • Build and maintain body balance & performance
  • Maximize health

A simple shift in mindset - and minutes per day you - leads you to the flexibility & performance you've always dreamed of. It's time to start.

What's Included In The Video Series...


Introduction to The 3-Minute Stretch

Dr. Zachary introduces you to his story & reasons for developing The 3-Minute Stretch:

  • Few people stretch regularly in their daily life, yet flexibility & balance are considered - by health & fitness experts - to be at the core of good health.
  • Excuses for not stretching daily: 1) lack of understanding, 2) inconvenience, and 3) time.
  • Poor flexibility reduces confidence & performance, & exposes people to injury.

You’ll finish this introduction with a clear understanding of how important full-body stretching is to everyone, not just athletes.


Stretching the Pelvis 

Get started at your center - your pelvis! Learn to conveniently and consistently stretch this hub of stability. In this lesson, you’ll learn to:

  • Stretch the most important muscle group for spinal stability
  • Stretch your gluteal muscles
  • Stretch your groin & IT band 

You’ll finish this video with the knowledge & confidence to stretch your pelvis properly every day. All stretches are done from a convenient standing posture, except the hip flexor stretch.


Stretching the Upper Legs, Calves & Ankles 

Poor balance and flexibility is often found due to chronic and subtle tightness in the legs. Maximize your wellness by keeping this area flexible and balanced. In this lesson, you’ll learn to:

  • Stretch your quadricep muscles
  • Stretch your hamstring muscles
  • Stretch your calve muscles
  • Use circumduction to bring circulation to your ankles

You’ll finish this lesson with a feeling of freedom in your legs  - and the knowledge needed to stretch this area regularly... and easily.


Stretching the Torso & Shoulders

All performance challenges require power & motion throughout this key torso & shoulder area. In this lesson, you'll learn to:

  • stretch your lower & upper torso.
  • Stretch your shoulders & free up your posture.
  • Use simple circumduction to maintain circulation throughout your glenohumeral joints (shoulders). Great for long-term wellness & performance.

You’ll finish this lesson with a feeling of both freedom and stability... and the knowledge of another building block for easy full-body stretching.


Stretching the Neck & Forearms

Modern-day smartphone & computer habits affect our necks in a most negative way. Never in human history has the stability of our necks been so challenged. In this lesson, you'll learn to:

  • Stretch your neck flexor & extensor muscles.
  • Stretch your neck rotator muscles.
  • Use neck circumduction to stimulate all neck muscles & maintain range of motion (ROM).

You’ll finish this lesson with a sense of where you are with your neck balance & ROM... and where you need to go moving forward. Great for balance center wellness.


The 3-Minute Stretch (Continuous)

Observe the flow of the 3-Minute Stretch by Dr. Zachary. In this video, you'll see how easy it is to connect all areas of the stretch into one, easy continuous process - in 3 minutes!

  • Finalize what you have learned.
  • Daily practice of the full 3-Minute Stretch will solidify a convenient, long-term habit.
  • Feel how full-body short-duration stretching stimulates healthy feedback immediately.

You’ll finish this lesson with a sense of control and accountability for your future health & performance.


The 3-Minute Stretch (Unsupported)

With some minor adjustments, you'll be able to perform your 3-Minute Stretch anywhere... and any time... even if you don't have your stabilization poll. In this lesson, you'll learn to:

  • Replace certain stretches (that aren't possible) with secondary stretches (that are) when away from your ideal home environment.
  • Use a chair, desk, bed, automobile, wall, or nearly anything to stabilize when your poll is unavailable.
  • Comprehend the power of to convenience to ensure continuity in your stretching routine.

You’ll finish this lesson knowing there is no need to miss even one day of full-body stretching... now and always.


The Health & Performance Concept of Spinal Stacking - Front & Back View

Spinal Stacking will be a new term to nearly all students, yet it is central to your health & wellness. In this lesson, you'll learn to:

  • Understand the function of the spine & nervous system.
  • Discover extra motivation to continue the habit of daily full body stretching.
  • Understand that there is a staunch difference between spinal stacking when the body is viewed from the front or back vs. from the side.

You’ll finish this lesson assured that a daily stretching habit is something you can commit to in support of your healthy spinal stacking.


The Key Health & Performance Concept of Spinal Stacking - Side View

Few understand the wisdon of the body and how it innately built specific spinal curves (when viewed from the side). In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • why the spine is curved, not straight, when viewed from the side.
  • How the disks of the spine react if we lose our healthy spinal stacking.
  • How The 3-Minute Stretch virtually ensures that your best spinal stacking can be maintained for a lifetime.

You’ll finish this lesson with a feeling of control and accountability regarding the health and performance of your spine & posture and, thus, your body! Congratulations!

PLUS: Join Dr. Zachary's
3-Hour Bootcamp If You Want to Go ALL IN!...

  • You'll learn every personal detail that made 'The 3-Minute Stretch' his go-to daily stretch
  • You'll learn the science of stretching and flexibility
  • You'll understand why it's important that stretching can truly be done anywhere
  • You'll learn why stretching and circulation come hand-in-hand - and why that is vitally important to you.
  • You'll understand how all muscles work together to create 1 center of gravity as well as balance AND flexibility

I'm Dr. Terry Zachary

My journey as a former pro golfer & sports chiropractor showed me that flexibility and balance of the body are not yet universally well understood. We need new health & fitness leadership.

As a wellness entrepreneur, I’ve helped tens of 1,000’s of people improve their lives. The 3-Minute Stretch lets people become their own daily stretching expert with a full body stretch that, once learned, can be taken anywhere, and done anytime... for a lifetime.

No more excuses. We've made stretching as simple, complete, and convenient as possible. The 3-Minute Stretch lets everyone experience the many benefits of full-body stretching. I don't know where I'd be without The 3-Minute Stretch personally. I hope to see you inside!

"I've never felt so consistently strong and balanced in any of my 20 years of being an adult."

- Martin Chenney

"Since learning the 3-Minute Stretch, I'm no longer worried about remaining active with my young grandchildren. It's now easy to stretch daily and keep it up. I feel like I've gained back a decade."

- Walter Strausse

"I've been using The 3-Minute Stretch for 3 months now. I'm ready to play golf before I even hit my first range ball - without being super early for the tee time. It's so convenient. I'm also hitting the ball farther because my range of motion is so much better."

- Susan Dickens

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