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doczac Enterprises Inc. continues to push the limits to help you to 'Move Extremely Well.' 
We've helped 1 million+ customers maximize  hand health & grip performance using Handmaster Plus® exercises. It has become the go-to training & recovery item for the upper extremity.

Now, doczac aims to get the world stretching! The 3-Minute Stretch, an easy & convenient video course that helps you stretch anywhere to maintain flexibility & body balance for a lifetime. Warm up before & after any activity. Learn it once. Use it for Life.

Golfers, check out doczac's short putt mastery courses and products (PUTT RAMP, MONEYBALL & PUTT PORT) for golfers (& non-golfers alike) inside 

(Dr. Zachary is a former professional golfer who excelled at putting & teaching). 
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Handmaster Plus



Transform your grip strength, hand health & circulation using one easy & complete exercise.

Handmaster Plus® produces strong, healthy fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnels, forearms & elbows for any pursuit.

Handmaster Plus is Dr-designed to strengthen & balance ALL 27 hand & grip muscles AND to maximize healing circulation.

Say goodbye to 'squeeze-only' hand exercise. 
Say hello to Handmaster Plus.

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The 3-Minute Stretch


doczac now offers The 3-Minute Stretch Video Course or The Boot Camp so that you can go ALL IN or progress at your own pace.

Imagine having an easy stretch that can be done anywhere anytime to maximize your health, flexibility, and performance.

The 3-Minute Stretch is a convenient full-body stretch that boosts overall flexibility & body balance - no matter your schedule! 

Learn it once. Enjoy it for life! Do it anywhere!
We aim to get you (& the world) stretching!

Become your own stretching guru!
Reduce Stiffness & Back Pain!

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doczac Golf offers Short Putt Mastery™ Video Courses & Boot Camps for golfers of all levels as well as cutting-edge putting practice devices to lower scores and maximize your enjoyment of the game.

Putting is the gateway to scoring in the great game of golf. Understand short putting theory first and become a putting clairvoyant next.

Check out our video courses & market-leading short-putting aids (Putt Ramp™, Putt Port™ & MoneyBall™), stretches, and video courses (SHORT PUTT Mastery) for golfers
(Dr. Zachary is a former professional golfer).

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NICE TO MEET YOU. Welcome to the NEW

I'm Dr. Terry Zachary

My journey as a pro golfer & sports chiropractor showed me that the health & balance of the body (especially GRIP, HAND EXERCISE, POSTURE, & STRETCHING) is poorly understood not only in golf and other sports but in music, therapy, esports/gaming, computers, smartphones, hobby & the workplace.

As a wellness company, we’ve already helped over one million people improve their lives, not just their games. Our courses and products help people perform at their best!

doczac has the world exercising their hands & grip properly with Handmaster Plus. Now we aim to get the world stretching and putting properly with 'The 3-Minute Stretch' and 'Short Putt Mastery.'  Mastery leads to both fulfillment and contentment.

Enjoy the new site!

About Us

“The Handmaster Plus hand strengthening device is an essential piece of apparatus. It universally addresses the intrinsic muscles of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. It is a valuable tool for any physiotherapy practice.”

-Alex McKechnie, MCSP, MCPA (physiotherapist), Master Trainer & developer of the Reebok Coreboard

“The Handmaster Plus hand therapy device is simple to use, easy to explain and affordable to anyone. My patients love it. They take it home with them…and actually use it! I recommend it to everyone to keep their hands, wrists, carpal tunnels and elbows balanced, healthy and feeling great.”

-Dr. Vanessa Anderson, (chiropractor) Moline, IL USA

"I've never stretched enough and it was always on my mind, but the stretches I knew were awkward & time-consuming. 'The 3-Minute Stretch' already has my whole body feeling better. And it's so simple, I can do it anywhere & anytime. It's been a godsend."

- Heather Thompson, Ottawa, ON Canada 

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